Clarendon Chronicle
Clarendon Chronicle
(Image Credit: Santhy Balachandran, Clarendon Scholar)

The Clarendon Chronicle

The Clarendon Chronicle was launched in 2010-11. It is produced entirely by Clarendon Scholars and put together by the Clarendon Scholars' Council.

Trinity Term 2023

This issue of the Chronicle provides scholars with some Trinity Term highlights, including the May Day Ball.  

Hilary Term 2023

This term, the Chronicle provides scholars with some 'Oxford Recommendations' and shares more scholar news. 

Michaelmas Term 2022

The Michaelmas Term 2022 edition shares exciting scholar achievements as well as highlights of events that took place during term.  

Michaelmas Term 2021

This issue of the Chronicle shares the fun and varied activities the scholars got up to during the 'Freshers and Re-Fresh Week' that took place at the beginning of Michaelmas Term 2021.

Hilary Term 2021

The Chronicle returns, bursting with news and information about the many scholar led activities that took place during Hilary term 2021.

Trinity Term 2019

This term, the Chronicle offers some useful advice for newcomers to Oxford and provides plenty of photos of this year's Clarendon ball.

Hilary Term 2019

Hilary term 2019 saw plenty of social activity in the Clarendon community including cultural events, formal dinners, comedy nights, board games, ceilidh, and ice skating.

Michaelmas Term 2018

This term, the Chronicle covers the latest events including the charity concert, Blenheim 10k run, the yachting trip, and the Annual Reception.  

Trinity Term 2018

This term, the Chronicle offers some useful advice for newcomers to Oxford, investigates the history of the Clarendon Fund, and catches up with current scholars and their achievements.

Hilary Term 2018

This term, the Chronicle provides an introduction to the new 2017 Clarendon Council, a book review with plenty of references to good puns and beer, and an overview of the Clarendon Annual Reception.

Trinity Term 2017

Along with the latest news from Trinity Term 2017, this Chronicle edition offers some tips to those of you coming to Oxford for the first time, as well as an article from a part-time scholar who is completing her DPhil in Australia.

Hilary Term 2017

The Hilary 2017 edition of the Clarendon Chronicle includes photos from the inaugural Clarendon Ball, profiles of the new council members, coverage of our other Hilary term events and an update on what other scholars have been up to, in our Thesis Pitch and Noticeboard sections.

Michaelmas Term 2016

The Michaelmas issue introduces Suzy Minett, our new Clarendon Fund administrator. It also chronicles the work of individual scholars with the Noticeboard and Thesis Pitch Challenge, as well as highlighting events from the term and summer, including the Clarendon Lecture.

Trinity Term 2016

The Trinity issue contains advice for incoming scholars, the Noticeboard highlighting the accomplishments of Clarendon scholars, a farewell note from Karen Walker, and much more.

Hilary Term 2016

The Hilary issue introduces the 2016 Clarendon Scholars' Council and the brand-new 'Thesis Pitch', where a scholar explains her thesis in simple words. It also contains a play written by a Clarendon Scholar as well as a Noticeboard to share the latest news of the Clarendon community.

Michaelmas Term 2015

The Michaelmas issue contains an interview with Alan Rusbridger, incoming Principal of Lady Margaret Hall and Clarendon Lecturer 2015; it also covers the term's events, and contains a feature on Oxford University Press's Oxford Global Languages project.

Trinity Term 2015

The Trinity issue gives information on the incoming scholars, covers some summer events, and includes a review of a title published by Oxford University Press.

Hilary Term 2015

The Hilary issue contains poetry from one of our scholars, an interview with an alumna, and details of a research-sharing event with Rhodes scholars.

Michaelmas Term 2014

The Michaelmas issue covers some very exciting discoveries at an archaeological dig in Italy, as well as a look at the global reach of the Clarendon Scholarships.

Trinity Term 2014

The Trinity issue profiles the 2014 Clarendon Scholars' Council, reviews the Global Scholars' Symposium, and has articles about recent events and scholars' research.

Hilary Term 2014

The Hilary issue covers the 2013 Annual Reception along with some inspiring research and news of Scholars' recent activities.

Michaelmas Term 2013

The Michaelmas issue covers the Freshers' Boat Trip as well as containing articles about Scholars' research, Team Clarendon's recent runs, and some record-breaking Scrabble!

Trinity Term 2013

The Trinity issue covers the 2013 Global Scholars Symposium as well as several trips and events organised by the Scholars' Council.

Hilary Term 2013

In the Hilary issue, the Clarendon Chronicle presents the new Clarendon Scholars' Council and a review of the latest events in the Council, from a visit to the Oxford Museum of Natural History to the Clarendon Scholars Reception.

Trinity Term 2012

In the Trinity issue of the Clarendon Chronicle, a wide gamut of topics - from problems within the Hong Kong school system to volunteer work in Nepal and Kenya by Clarendon students - are discussed, along with all the latest news about events, both past and future.

Hilary Term 2012

The Hilary issue of the Clarendon Chronicle, gives details on this term's Talking Heads seminar, as well as several of the diverse research and extra-curricular activities of our members, including a cycling trip across America and an infant's eye view on the movements of a chocolate bar.

Michaelmas Term 2011

In Michaelmas the Clarendon Fund Newsletter was re-christened the 'Clarendon Chronicle' with great fanfare. In the first issue, we present tips on academic publishing as related to us by the kind people at OUP, as well as noting the details of the Annual Reception and this term's events.