Past Clarendon Scholars' Council addressing the scholars
Credit: Cyrus Mower

Clarendon Scholars' Council

The Council’s goal is to foster a positive, stimulating and inspiring academic community which serves as a launch pad for the future.

The Clarendon Scholars’ Council is at the heart of the Clarendon community and vital to the ongoing success of the scholarships. The Clarendon Scholars’ Council is made up of a number of annually elected positions and includes the Official Member, a permanent representative from the University. The Council is, by resolution, responsible for advancing the Clarendon Scholars’ Association objectives and the management of the allocated funding for this purpose. Their primary role is to help facilitate the activities of the Clarendon Scholars’ Association by organising a range of events across the year.
The Clarendon Scholars' Association website is:

The President is the elected leader of the Clarendon Scholars’ Association and the Clarendon Scholars’ Council. The President is responsible for the development of the Council's vision and goals, overseeing its activities, and serving as the public face of the Council. 

Marston Bailey-2022 Council President

Marston Bailey

Marston has just completed the second year of her DPhil in Science and Religion at Lincoln College. As well as focusing on her studies, she also participates in SynBio’s biotech incubator programme, Catalyse, and is a Peer Coach for the MBA’s Impact Lab programme. Yet, she still finds time to lead the 2022  Council in providing the Clarendon Scholars' community with a vast array of fantastic and diverse events and activities.  

The Vice-President is responsible for the discharge of the regulations, management of Council and the Clarendon Scholars’ Association administration as well as providing support to the President in achieving the Council’s goals.

Alicia Jia

Alicia is studying for a DPhil in Clinical Medicine at Wolfson College. As 2022 Council VP she plays an important role in the leadership team.

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the financial affairs for the Clarendon Scholars’ Association and the Council.

Bhadrajee Hewage

Bhadrajee is Council Treasurer in Michaelmas Term 2022. He is studying for the DPhil in History at Trinity College. 

Parsa Nilchian

Parsa served as Council Treasurer in Hilary and Trinity terms of 2022 while studying for the MSc in Neuroscience at Lincoln College. 
A new Treasurer will be co-opted during the Long Vac 2022.

The Secretaries are each responsible for different social and academic aspects for the Council. The key goal is to drive a connection between members of the Clarendon Scholars’ Association.

The Academic Secretary

Tomajin Morikawa (HT22/TT22)
Georgia Lin (MT22)

The Alumni and Careers Secretary

Uchenna Gwacham-Anisiobi (HT22/TT22)
Yalda Jafari (MT22)

The Cultural Secretary

Akayo Hatano (HT22/MT22)
Diyi Liu (MT22)

The Communications Secretary

Junyao Zhang (HT22/TT22)
Isabel Parkinson (MT22)
Ana Diamond Aaba Atach (MT22)

The Community Outreach Secretary

Janek Drevikovsky (HT22/TT22)
Xintong Li (MT22)

The Dining Secretary

Bhadrajee Hewage (HT22/TT22)

The Diversity Secretary

Kasia Chwalenia

The External Secretary

Scott Singer

The IT Secretary

Diyi Liu (HT22/TT22)
Ricardo Gonzales (MT22)

The Social Secretaries

Lachie Scarsbrook and Caitlin Talbot (HT22/TT22)