Scholarship timeline
Clarendon Scholar at the Museum of Natural History
Credit: John Cairns

Scholarship timeline

When selecting Clarendon scholars, the University has only one goal in mind: to choose the best students worldwide, as decided by experts in each student’s field.


Scholarship application process

  1. Apply by the December or January deadline, whichever is relevant to your course, to be considered for a Clarendon scholarship.
  2. Your application to your course will be considered by the academics working in your proposed field of study. They will assess the academic quality and suitability of your application.
  3. The department will make the final decision on your graduate place and will notify you with an outcome. See decision timeline for more details.
  4. In parallel, academics within your department will determine who to nominate to the division for a Clarendon scholarship based on the selection criteria.

Divisional allocation of Clarendon scholarships

  1. The process varies between the University’s academic divisions and the Department for Continuing Education, but each meet in February or March to review the departmental scholarship nominations.
  2. The academic divisions assess the nominations on their academic merit and future potential and the top ranked departmental nominees within the division are shortlisted for Clarendon.
  3. Once the shortlist is confirmed, the Clarendon Fund Administrator will contact successful applicants and will provide the scholarship offer letter (aka a 'CB1').
  4. If you are offered (and accept) a Clarendon scholarship, this means your funding is now secure, as long as you meet the conditions of your offer of a place to study at Oxford.
  5. During April, May and sometimes into June, Clarendon Partnership Awards are matched to scholars depending on the award requirements. No further information is required of Clarendon offer holders.
  6. Once each scholar’s unique funding package is confirmed, they will receive the funding breakdown letter (aka a 'CB2') outlining the funding arrangements. Final college placements will also be confirmed alongside partnership awards.

Notification of Clarendon scholarship decisions

  1. All successful Clarendon candidates will be contacted via email. Most offers are sent out by the end of April of each year.
  2. Due to the number of eligible applicants, unsuccessful students will not be contacted. If you have not heard from us by mid-June, please assume that unfortunately you have not been awarded a Clarendon scholarship.
  3. A few late nominations may take place during the summer period if nominated students withdraw.

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