The Ubiquity of Braids - Tara Brendle

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17:00 - 18:00
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Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road
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Target audience
Parents, Students, Teachers
Age range
Age 14-15 (year 10), Age 15-16 (year 11), Age 16-17 (year 12), Age 17-18 (year 13)
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What do maypole dancing, grocery delivery, and the quadratic formula all have in common? The answer is: braids! In this talk Tara will explore how the ancient art of weaving strands together manifests itself in a variety of modern settings, both within mathematics and in our wider culture.   

Tara Brendle is a Professor of Mathematics in the School of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Glasgow. Her research lies in the area of geometric group theory, at the interface between algebra and topology. She is co-author of 'Braids: A Survey', appearing in 'The Handbook of Knot Theory'.

Please email [email protected] to register to attend in person.

The lecture will be broadcast on the Oxford Mathematics YouTube Channel ( on Thursday 16 May at 5-6pm and any time after (no need to register for the online version).

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