Student under 12 being taught
Student under 12 being taught

For students under 12

For students under the age of 12, we have a range of digital resources that can trigger imaginations and feed curiosity.

Resources from Oxford University

Recommended External Resources

General Resources

  • Zooniverse - A platform that lets you contribute to real-life research projects.
  • Audible - Free access is available to a wide range of audiobooks to help keep young minds active and engaged.
  • Scratch - Developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Learning Lab, Scratch introduces children to coding. They can have a go at programming their own interactive stories, games, and animations.
  • BBC Bitesize - This site provides lessons every day, plus a TV channel full of learning content, podcasts on BBC Sounds and educational videos on iPlayer.
  • David Attenborough's Great Barrier Reef - An interactive journey around Australia's Great Barrier Reef. With an interactive map and video footage, this website allows you to explore one of the most complex ecosystems on the planet.
  • Neverending Stories - This free storytelling pack, from the National Centre for Creative Writing, is crammed with tips and activities for engaging storytelling at home.
  • Time Out 100 Best Children’s Books - Time Out has created a list of the 100 best children’s books, including a mini description of the book, an age recommendation and the book in three words.

Museums and Galleries

  • The National Gallery - An online version of the National Gallery's collections, where you can explore works of art.

Subject Specific Resources

  • Royal Society of Biology - Biology - An educational resources hub from the Royal Society of Biology.
  • Conservation Optimist Kids' Corner - Biology - Optimistic stories and resources about conservation, tailored for children.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry - Chemistry - Teaching resources on the subject of Chemistry: from podcasts to online games.
  • James Dyson Engineering Challenges - Engineering -  A set of engineering challenge cards to do at home with adult supervision.
  • The Poetry Foundation - English - An interactive website, including videos and audio clips to make poetry come to life.
  • NRich - Mathematics - A series of activities to entertain and learn about Maths at home.
  • Plus Mathematics - Mathematics - An online magazine from the University of Cambridge, aimed at celebrating Mathematics.
  • MusicMap - Music -An interactive hub of popular music, showing how it is all connected.