Two students walking to catch a bus
Two students walking to catch a bus

2023 Higher Education Fairs

We are really looking forward to being able to visit venues across the UK again and to speaking to potential applicants about undergraduate life at Oxford and our admissions process. 

Oxford will be attending the following in-person HE Fairs in 2023. 




28 February - 1 March

UCAS Manchester

UCAS Manchester Event Info & Booking

3 & 4 March

What University Live, Birmingham NEC

What University Live Event Info & Booking

8 & 9 March

UCAS Lisburn, Northern Ireland

UCAS Northern Ireland Event Info & Booking

14 March

UCAS Brighton

UCAS Brighton Event Info & Booking

21 & 22 March

UCAS Exeter

UCAS Exeter Event Info & Booking

27 & 28 March

UCAS London

UCAS London Event Info & Booking

18 April

UCAS Bournemouth

UCAS Bournemouth Event Info & Booking

19 April

UCAS Winchester

UCAS Winchester Event Info & Booking

25 April

UCAS Stoke-on-Trent

UCAS Stoke-on-Trent Event Info & Booking

26 & 27 April

UCAS Newport

UCAS Newport Event Info & Booking

28 April

UCAS Carmarthen

UCAS Carmarthen Event Info & Booking

3 May

UCAS Middlesbrough

UCAS Middlesbrough Event Info & Booking

5 June

UCAS Maidstone

UCAS Maidstone Event Info & Booking

6 & 7 June

UCAS East London

UCAS East London Event Info & Booking

9 June

UCAS Liverpool 

UCAS Liverpool Event Info & Booking

12 June

UCAS Norwich

UCAS Norwich Event Info & Booking

13 June

UCAS Ipswich

UCAS Ipswich Event Info & Booking

14 June

UCAS Colchester

UCAS Colchester Event Info & Booking

14 & 15 June

UCAS Leeds

UCAS Leeds Event Info & Booking

16 June

UCAS Sheffield

UCAS Sheffield Event Info & Booking

20 & 21 June

UCAS Bedford

UCAS Bedford Event Info & Booking

22 June

UCAS Newcastle

UCAS Newcastle Event Info & Booking

26-27 June

UCAS Birmingham

UCAS Birmingham Event Info & Booking

27 June

UCAS Bangor

UCAS Bangor Event Info & Booking

5 July 

UCAS Carlisle

UCAS Carlisle Event Info & Booking

5 September

UCAS Edinburgh

UCAS Edinburgh Event Info & Booking

12 September

UCAS Glasgow 

UCAS Glasgow Event Info & Booking

We look forward to meeting you at an HE fair near you soon. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions for finding out more:

  • Our  digital prospectus will give you a bite-sized introduction to studying at Oxford.
  • Check out our outreach events calendar for information on in-person and online opportunities for applicants.
  • Anyone thinking of applying here this October should sign up for Choosing Oxford, our newsletter for applicants.  
  • Our guide for applicants will tell you everything you need to know to make a strong application.
  • Course choice is the most important decision you need to make when considering university and our top tip is to start exploring your options through our course pages.
  • You can also take a look at some of the subject-specific online resources we’ve put together in our digital resource hub

If you are running an event for university applicants and would like to find out if an Oxford representative is able to attend, please get in touch via email.