Guidance for interview candidates who are taken ill

If you are ill before your interview

If you are invited for interview but are then too ill to attend, please contact the Tutor for Admissions at the college which has invited you, as soon as possible. If you are too ill to do this yourself, a teacher or a member of your family may do this for you. Your college will then see whether alternative arrangements can be made for your interview. 

  • They may be able to offer you an alternative interview date, although the short timescales for interviews mean that this is not always possible.
  • If necessary, the college may consider your application without an interview, by reviewing your UCAS application (including your academic record, personal statement, predicted grades and academic reference) and the results of any admissions test or tests for your course, as well as any written work which you have been asked to submit.

If you are too ill to attend an interview we recommend that you seek medical advice, as the college may ask you to provide supporting evidence such as a doctor's note. If you attend an interview, this will be taken as indication that you are prepared to be evaluated on the merits of your performance in that interview. The interview will be considered as part of your application, so if you are so unwell that you are not able to perform at a reasonable level, you should consider not attending your interview. Tutors will consider information submitted before the interview (including mitigating evidence) as part of your application, but it is not possible to exclude your interview performance from your assessment once you have attended an interview.

If you are ill during your interview

Please let someone at your college know as soon as possible.