Changes to the running of admissions tests for 2021-entry | University of Oxford

Changes to the running of admissions tests for 2021-entry

Due to the ongoing uncertain situation due to COVID-19 and restrictions all over the world, we have had to make some limited changes to how some of our tests will run this year. 

Candidates are expected to register for tests and sit them in test centres as planned, except in the most exceptional circumstances. Please make all reasonable efforts to do so while abiding by the guidelines in place where you live. The registration deadline is unchanged at 6pm UK time on Thursday 15 October.

What if I can't take the test this year due to COVID-19 restrictions?

  • We expect almost all candidates to take tests at test centres as they usually would.
  • If you have not managed to register for your test, you have now missed the deadline and Oxford will email you to explain what action you need to take.  Note: you will only receive an email if you have successfully submitted your UCAS application by our deadline of 6pm UK time on 15 October.
  •  If exceptional circumstances meant that you could not be accommodated at any test centre, we will request further details in a form you will be asked to complete. We will advise whether you could be eligible for remote invigilation or whether we require further evidence in order to consider your application without a test score.
  • If you have successfully registered for your test by the deadline, you will be contacted with information on what action you need to take if your circumstances change in the days running up to test day. 
  • Candidates already registered with a test centre to take the TSA or BMAT and whose circumstances change as a result of COVID-19 may apply for remote proctoring up to a deadline of 26 October.
  • For candidates due to take the CAT, HAT, MAT, MLAT, PAT and Philosophy tests, in exceptional circumstances only, you may be able to take the test at home with remote invigilation and our email to you will explain how to apply for this and what evidence we require.  If you are eligible, full guidance will be provided to you.
  • For candidates due to take ELAT or OLAT, remote invigilation will not be possible but we will send a form asking you to explain the circumstances that prevented you from taking the test and these difficulties will be taken into account when your application is being considered.
  • Please wait for your email to arrive and follow the instructions given as necessary. We expect these emails to be sent to you by 30 October.
  • Please note that we will not be able to consider remote invigilation for any applicants who have not successfully submitted their UCAS application by the deadline of 15 October.
When do the tests take place?
  • Please see our sample timetable for start and finish times.
  • The BMAT, CAT, ELAT, MAT, MLAT, OLAT and Philosophy test will go ahead as planned in test centres internationally on Wednesday 4 November.
  • The test date for the HAT, TSA and PAT has been moved to Thursday 5 November to facilitate adherence to local social distancing measures. 
    • Students applying for the following courses will now sit these on 5 November:  
      - Economics and Management
      - Engineering Science
      - Experimental Psychology
      - History
      - History (Ancient and Modern)
      - History and Economics - both the HAT and TSA (Section 1) will be sat on Thursday 5 November
      - History and English 
      - History and Modern Languages - please note, the MLAT will go ahead on Wednesday 4 November, so you will be required to take the HAT and the MLAT on separate days
      - History and Politics
      - Human Sciences
      - Materials Science
      - Physics
      - Physics and Philosophy
      - PPE
      - PPL
  • The deadline for taking the LNAT is 15 October. Candidates who have been unable to take this test on time should communicate this to Oxford as soon as possible by emailing the Law Faculty directly. Please include your UCAS ID number with your enquiry.

Are there any changes to the tests required or to the format of tests?

  • The TSA will be a computer-based test this year. There is no other change to the format of the test. Details are available here. Where candidates cannot sit the test at a test centre, they may apply for remote proctoring up to a deadline of 26 October.

  • The BMAT will be a computer-based test this year. There is no other change to the format of the test. Details are available here. Where candidates cannot sit the test at a test centre, they may apply for remote proctoring up to a deadline of 26 October. Note that candidates sitting the BMAT in Thailand or at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine in Singapore will take a paper-based test.

  • The Geography Admissions Test is suspended for 2021 entry. Candidates applying for Geography do not need to sit any admissions test. Their applications will be considered on the basis of the other information making up their application. See selection criteria.

What if there's a problem at my test centre or I fall ill on the day of the test?

  • Candidates who are affected by unexpected issues on the day of the tests, for example due to temporary injury/illness or problems with the administration of the test, should read the guidance about special consideration and, if this applies to you, complete the special consideration form within five working days of the testing date.
Who can I contact about...?
  • Questions about your registration, taking the test on the day, centre availability or about TSA and BMAT should be directed to our partners who run these tests at Cambridge Assesment Admissions Testing using this support form (24 hours) or Mon-Fri 0830-1700 (BST) by phone +44 (0)1223 553366.

  • Questions about how Oxford will consider your application should be directed to Please include your UCAS ID number and, if possible, your candidate test entry number with your enquiry.