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Test arrangements
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Test arrangements for international students

Many of our courses have an admissions test or tests, and we use these tests to help us choose between all the excellent candidates who apply to study at Oxford.

International students, just like UK and EU students, have to register for and take any admissions tests that are required for your course. This will help your application to be as competitive as possible.

This page gives information about registering and taking the admissions tests; for more details please visit our tests page

What do we mean by admissions tests? How do they work? What do you need to do? Expand the headings below for more information.

What are admissions tests?

  • The admissions tests are timed, written exams designed to show us how you think.
  • They are normally taken under exam conditions in registered test centres worldwide. You do not have to travel to the UK to take the tests.
  • They are not an alternative to any other entry requirements specified for the course you're applying for, instead they are an additional requirement
  • Check to find out if the course you are applying for has a test or tests. 

How do you register for the admissions tests?

What are the deadlines for registering for the tests?

  • For the LNAT, you must register by the 15 September.
  • For all other admissions tests, you must register between 1 September and 15 October.
  • If you miss the deadline then you will not be able to register or take the test. You can't register after the deadline. 

When do I take the test?

  •  Please check the dates published on our tests page.  

Test FAQs

  • I can't find a test centre near me, what can I do? Check the list for an open test centre. You may have to travel a considerable distance to the nearest available centre.
  • I didn't realise I had to register for a test, can I register late? No. If you miss the registration deadline you can't register late.
  • Can I take the test on a different date, or retake it? No. You can't take the test late, and you can't retake the test in the same year. 
  • What will happen to my application if I don't take the test?  Our admissions tests are an important part of our assessment process for candidates and in order to make sure your application is as competitive as possible, we strongly advise that you make every effort to sit the test. We are aware that there may be extra difficulties for some candidates this year but we do expect the vast majority of candidates to be able to sit tests as planned. Please follow carefully the detailed guidance on our admissions test webpages.