why university
why university

Why go to university?

At the end of their time at Oxford, we hope students will have developed the skills they need to do whatever they choose with their life. We want them to feel confident and excited about their future, and we believe that the opportunities they will have at university can play a big part in their success and happiness.

But we do understand that choosing to go to university is a big decision. Our students often tell us how much it meant being able to talk things over with family and friends. So, whether or not you have been to university yourself, please believe us when we say you can really help!

To begin, here are a few reasons why university might be a great choice for your child.

Planning the future 

Students can find out more about themselves and what they want from life. They have the opportunity to plan well for the future.

Getting a good job 

University offers the chance to develop skills which can help with finding a well-paid job afterwards. Graduates often earn more during their careers than people without degrees.

Meeting people 

Students have the chance to meet people from all backgrounds and from all across the world. Friendships and connections made at university often last a lifetime.

Loving learning 

If someone is curious about learning and loves to question things, then they are likely to enjoy studying at university. It will let them explore what interests them and to develop their understanding.