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Does Oxford help with future careers?

An Oxford degree can provide a great start to a successful career. Whatever subject your child studies, a wide range of opportunities will be available to them.

Our Careers Service offers extensive support for free to make sure your child feels confident about their future.

Will their degree help them find a good job?

Whilst at Oxford, students have lots of opportunities to develop the types of skills employers are looking for. Students can develop key skills such as self-management, planning and communication through academic work and tutorials. In addition, there are also many opportunities to further develop a wide variety of skills by actively taking part in student clubs, societies, teams and activities at Oxford.

What about work experience?

Oxford’s short terms mean that students have plenty of time to complete internships or work experience in the holidays and we can advise students on how to find and apply to these opportunities. Our students also have access to our own exclusive Internship Programmes, offering work experience opportunities across a range of sectors and different global locations. 

What other careers support is available?

From understanding your child’s career goals, to helping them achieve their ambitions, our Careers Service can offer a range of support, including:

  • Annual careers fairs, across a range of sectors, to meet employers and explore career options
  • Events and workshops on a wide range of career related topics, run by employers and careers advisers
  • 1:1 careers advice appointments for students with our expert careers advisers
  • Our internship programmes that are exclusive to Oxford students
  • Advice on further study options
  • 10,000+ vacancies advertised on our website
  • Our exclusive skills programmes to help develop and build employability skills across a range of sectors.

What about once they have left Oxford?

All former Oxford students have continued access to the Oxford University Careers Service. 

All our alumni can access the Careers Service's vacancies board, attend University careers fairs and most other Careers events, sign up for the termly Alumni Careers Newsletter, and access our vast online resources. Recent alumni can also book one-to-one careers advice appointments outside term-time, within two years of their course-end date.

With over 300,000 Oxford graduates working all over the globe, your child can benefit from being part of the global network of other Oxford graduates.

Visit the Careers Service website to find out more.