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Does Oxford help with future careers?

An Oxford degree provides a fantastic beginning to a successful future. Whatever subject your child studies, a wide range of opportunities will be available to them. Our careers service offers extensive support – for free and for life – to make sure your child feels confident about their future.

Will their degree help them find a good job?
While at Oxford, students have lots of opportunities to develop skills to help them find work and be successful in their jobs. Juggling studying with other responsibilities is powerful proof of good time management and efficiency. Student clubs and activities can also offer skills such as communication, budgeting and teamwork.

What about work experience?
Oxford’s short terms mean that students have plenty of time to complete internships or work experience in the holidays, and there are many ways of finding these opportunities. Our students have access to hundreds of internships, including summer work placements in the UK and abroad, as well as shorter, week-long internships in the UK. These are a great opportunity to gain an understanding of a particular job area.

What other careers support is available?
From understanding your child’s career goals, to helping them achieve their ambitions, our careers service can offer guidance. They provide:

  • individual advice
  • training on building the skills employers look for
  • training on making strong job applications
  • careers fairs to meet potential employers
  • around 12,000 job vacancies advertised
  • advice on further studying.

What about once they have left Oxford?
Unlike most universities, all former Oxford students have access to the Oxford Careers Service for life. This includes advice sessions and access to thousands of job adverts. With over 300,000 Oxford graduates working all over the globe, your child can benefit from the support of other Oxford graduates, whatever they choose to do.