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Other options for graduates

The University of Oxford offers a range of training and study options for graduates, which fall outside the main categories of research and taught courses. 

Other courses at Oxford

The range of other options includes:

Training for the Christian Ministry

Oxford has been a place of training for the Christian ministry since the origins of the University. Today, the Faculty of Theology and Religion and the Department for Continuing Education continue this long tradition by offering a range of degree and vocational courses. The Training for ministry page lists the full range of courses that are offered by each department and provides further information about who to contact for enquiries and applications.

Medical Training

For information about admission to the pre-clinical stage of medical training, please see the accelerated course (A101) details on the Medicine course page on the undergraduate admissions website.

For admission to the clinical stage please contact the Medical School via enquiries@medsci.ox.ac.uk.

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClin Psych)

This three-year full-time course validated by the University confers eligibility for Chartered status as a professionally qualified clinical psychologist. All trainees are currently employed by the Oxfordshire Mental Healthcare NHS Trust and are members of Harris Manchester College. The course is unique in being fully funded and run from within the NHS.

The course aims to provide a thorough and integrated academic, clinical and research training in clinical psychology. The philosophy of the course stems from both the scientist-practitioner and the reflective practitioner models, and the course is committed to drawing on a wide variety of theoretical orientations which have been demonstrated as contributing to human well-being or to the relief of suffering.

For further information see the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training website. 

Recognised Student status

If you are a graduate student currently engaged in research at another university, you may be able to apply for Recognised Student status.

The status of Recognised Student is intended primarily for graduates of some years’ standing engaged in research elsewhere who wish to work in Oxford on a specific topic under the guidance of an academic familiar with the chosen area of study.

You spend a period of up to three terms (ie one academic year) at Oxford, associated with an academic department and an academic advisor to offer general guidance on your area of research. You may use University libraries and attend lectures, seminars and classes (subject to permission from your head of department), although Recognised Students status does not provide a formal association with an Oxford college and will not be awarded a formal qualification or accreditation by Oxford.

Applying for Recognised Student status

The first step in applying for Recognised Student status is to contact the academic department where you would like to be based via the details provided in our individual graduate course pages and request agreement from them, and from a member of their academic staff who is prepared to act as your academic advisor. If you gain approval you will be required to submit an application form, together with a number of supporting documents. Further information can be found on the Recognised Student status page and our Visiting and recognised students fees page. The application form, together with notes of guidance, can be found below.

Recognised Student status in the 2017-18 academic year

Visiting Student status

If you are a student from overseas and wish to spend a period of up to three terms (ie one academic year) in Oxford on a course related to the degree you are studying in your own country, you can apply to a college for a place as a Visiting Student. However, it is not possible to join the activities of Oxford's taught graduate courses, so as a Visiting Student you would follow the curriculum from Oxford's undergraduate courses.

Applying as a Visiting Student

For further details about Visiting Students and how to apply, please see the information on the undergraduate Visiting Students page.

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