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Residence requirements

The University's residence requirements apply to all full-time students. 

The University requires its full-time students to live within twenty-five miles from Carfax Tower in Oxford’s City Centre, to be able to enter for their examination(s) and qualify for their degree. The Examination Regulations for your course set out the minimum number of terms you must live in Oxford.

If you're a full-time graduate student and not living in college-owned accommodation, you must live within the residence limits, unless you are given special permission to work away from Oxford, or it is a formal requirement of your course.

If you're studying for a part-time course, you're exempt from these residence requirements.

In exceptional circumstances, you can apply to live beyond the residence limits. You're strongly advised to obtain permission to do so before agreeing to rent or buy accommodation - please contact your college for more information.

If you live outside the residence limits without permission, you will not fulfil the requirements for your degree and may not be allowed to enter for your examination(s).

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