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Research policies

Intellectual property policy

Oxford was one of the first UK universities to develop an intellectual property (IP) policy to govern the ownership and exploitation of IP generated not only by its staff, but also by students in the course of their studies.

Oxford’s approach to exploitation of IP includes a generous revenue-sharing policy, which brings significant personal benefits to researchers, and a hugely successful and well-resourced technology transfer operation, Oxford University Innovation. Oxford University Innovation works with University researchers on identifying, protecting and marketing technologies through licensing, spin-out company formation, consulting and material sales.

Responsible conduct of research

Oxford’s Code of Practice and Procedure on Academic Integrity in Research prescribes standards of responsible and ethical conduct expected of all persons engaged in research at the University. Staff, students and visitors should in all aspects of their research activity:

  • demonstrate integrity and professionalism, fairness and equity, and intellectual honesty;

  • effectively and transparently manage conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest;

  • ensure the safety and well-being of those associated with the research; and

  • record and publish their methods and results in ways that are open to scrutiny and debate.

Researchers are encouraged to refer to the University’s policies and guidelines relating to research integrity and to use them as a resource.

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