Research Practice Group

A partnership of academics and professional services

The Research Practice Group (RPG) has been established to provide university-level leadership to ensure that the highest standards of practice are followed in how research is designed, planned, executed, and reported, to drive innovation and to participate in sector initiatives and debates. 

Good practice in research is promoted and supported by a range of University teams and groups that provide specialist support for open research, open access, research data management, research integrity and ethics, reproducible and transparent research, responsible research and innovation and research impact. These specialisms are represented in the membership of the group. 

Meeting dates

Thursday 23 May 202409:30-11:00

Working in partnership with Academic Divisions, professional services, University research-related committees and groups and external organisations, the role of the Research Practice Group (RPG) will be to: 

  • Contribute to the programme of work to strengthen research culture across the collegiate University as this relates to research practice 
  • Contribute to the development and ongoing review of new policies and guidance relating to research practice  
  • Align resources to ensure that Oxford researchers have access to high quality training and tools in research practice 
  • Identify and champion innovations in ways of working that serve to improve research practice, considering how priorities and practice vary across disciplines.  
  • Support the integration of relevant activities across the University at the interface with career development, EDI, and the evaluation of research  
  • Have responsibility for the management and expenditure of Research England’s Enhancing Research Culture funding allocation to the University, as this relates to support for research practice 
  • Show sector leadership by working collaboratively with relevant national and international organisations, and contribute to sector innovations, debates and resources. 

These terms of reference will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Research Practice Group Members 2022-23 – Coordination Group*


Role(s) and Affiliation  

Affiliations to key relevant groups (internal, external) 

Susanna-Assunta Sansone (Co-Chair) * 

Academic Lead for Research Culture – Research Practice. 

Director, Oxford e-Research Centre, Dep of Engineering 

Research Data Alliance (WG lead)

EOSC (Advisory Task Force on FAIR Metrics &Data Quality)

Centre of Open Science (Board of Directors)

ELIXIR (Interoperability Platform Lead) 

Laura Fortunato (Co-Chair) *

Lead for Research Culture (UKRN) and Institutional Lead for the UK Reproducibility Network

School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography 

UKRN, Reproducible Research Oxford (RROx) 

Kathryn Dally *

Research Integrity and Policy Lead

Research Services 


Sarah Callaghan *

Research Practice Manager

Research Services 


Tanita Casci *

Director, Research Strategy and Policy Unit

Research Services 

Co-chair, Research Staff Working Group

Co-Chair, Open Access Steering Group 

Mónica Palmero Fernández *

Research Practice Coordinator

Research Services 


Rachel Bray 

Researcher Hub Lead, 

People and Organisational Development 

Co-chair, Research Staff Working Group 

Manuel Berdoy 

Department of Biomedical Services 

Medical Sciences Division 

Alwyn Collinson IT Services 

David De Roure 

Department of Engineering Science, 

Digital Humanities programme (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities) 

Chair, Research Data Steering Group 

Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) Programme Board,

Chair, Steering Committee for the Digital Scholarship (DiSC) SRF 

Sarah Frodsham 

Director of the Graduate School, 

Department for Continuing Education 


David Gavaghan 

University Advocate for Research Staff Development 

Department of Computer Science 

Chair, Research Staff Steering Committee 

Megan Gooch 

Head of the Centre for Sustainable Digital Scholarship and Digital Humanities Support 

Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) Programme Board  

Digital Humanities Sustainability Steering Committee 

Humanities IT Forum 

RDM Steering Committee 

RDM Delivery Group

Ruth Mallalieu

Head of Open Scholarship Support

Bodleian Library

LIBER Open Access Working Group

LERU Info Policy Group

Chair, RLUK Open Strategy Network

Alis Oancea 

Professor of Philosophy of Education and Research Policy

Department of Education 


Charles Rahal 

UKRN Local Network Lead Coordinator 

Senior Departmental Research Lecturer in Computational Social Science, Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science  


Afsie Sabokbar 

Medical Sciences Divisional Director of Skills Training and Researcher Development, 

Nuffield Dept of Orthopaedics Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences 

Director of Graduate Studies   

Carolyn Ten Holter 

Department of Computer Science, Researcher, Responsible Technology Institute 


Rowan Wilson 

Head of Research Computing and Support Services

IT Services 


Associate members

(People who will receive the papers and are on the [email protected] mailing list, but who won’t be attending the meetings)


Role(s) and Affiliation  

Affiliations to key relevant groups (internal, external) 

Jennifer BlaikieResearch Ethics Manager, Research Services  
Rachel LloydOperations & Training Lead, Research Services 
Mary MuersResearch Culture Facilitator, Medical Sciences Division  
Natia SopromadzeResearch Culture Facilitator, Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division 
Lindsey SpriggsResearch Culture Facilitator, Social Sciences Division  
Michelle WilsonResearch Culture Project Officer, Medical Sciences Division 
Jenny WinslandResearch Culture Facilitator, Humanities Division 

The Research Practice Group exists in the context of the wider University working groups and committees, and reports to the Research and Innovation Committee.

The Research Practice Group shares membership with several consultation and working groups within the University, who have connected or similar interests. The Research Practice Group members are encouraged to share knowledge and experience across the various groups, in order to learn from each other and develop good practice.

Research Data SteeringGroup(chair: de Roure) Research and InnovationCommittee(chair: Grant) Research Practice Group(co-chairs: Sansone, Fortunato) Research Staff SteeringCommittee(chair: Gavaghan) These groups bring together research leadership from Divisions, Departments, Faculties, and professional services units (the Research Hub, Research IT, and Bodleian Libraries) Research Data DeliveryGroup(chair: Stewart) Consultation andcommunication with Divisional Skills Training representatives

The Research Practice Group shares membership with the following Oxford groups:

  • Research Data Steering Group
  • Research Data Delivery Group
  • Research Staff Steering Committee
  • Research Staff Working Group

These groups bring together research leadership from Divisions, Departments, Faculties, and professional services units (the Researcher Hub, Research IT, and Bodleian Libraries)​. We also have regular consultation and communication with Divisional Skills Training representatives​.

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