These could be the pixels of the future

Could one paper-thin material really serve as heat-controlling window glazing, as well as being the future of lightweight, power-saving high-resolution screens?

Bodle Tech

Oxford scientists at Bodle have pioneered just that – a smart material that is flexible, thin, and transparent. Layers of this material could be used as futuristic glazing, able to control which wavelengths of light enter a building. That would cut down on energy costs, as spaces could be cooled effectively without the need for aircon.

Or it could replace pixels, by being used as bright and hi-tech displays – which could be viewed effortlessly, even in bright sunlight. What’s more, Bodle promises a revolution in battery-life. Your current smart-phone might struggle to make it through the day, but screens made with this smart material would use almost no power at all, meaning your phone would manage a week at least.

The technology could even be used to create unfakeable holograms that could put a stop to counterfeiting!

Not bad for something that looks like confetti!