If you could have a new organ in your body what would it be?

Can you 3D-print brand new organs?

Oxford scientists at OxSyBio have developed a revolutionary new way to print human tissue, which could be used for organ repair or replacement – and far more besides.

OxSyBio’s 3D ‘droplet printing’ technology creates a tissue-like material that functions just like real cells.

At the moment they are a body repair company, but whilst they will start by repairing human organs, one day they could design brand new ones.

This means that in the future it might not be just existing organs that could be replicated – brand new organs could be invented and created, designed to perform almost any function within the human body.

This augmentation might mean that glands and organs could be built into patients suffering from debilitating diseases, programmed to fight the symptoms by dispensing drugs internally.

Whatever the future holds, these printed tissues seem set to become a standard tool for surgeons and clinicians in the treatment of patients with diseased or damaged organs.