Collaborate on a research project
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Collaborate on a research project

Oxford has unique breadth and depth in its research capabilities and it is keen to work collaboratively with businesses and other organisations for the benefit of all involved and also wider society.

The University actively encourages its academics to take part in collaborations, and provides support at all stages of the necessary interactions. Many collaborations are interdisciplinary, or multidisciplinary, and all relationships are bespoke.

Assistance is offered within the University by dedicated business development professionals, to help facilitate the necessary relationships, and to conduct contractual negotiations pragmatically and efficiently.

General Discussions

For a general discussion about how you can work with the University of Oxford on a research project email the Innovation and Engagement Team who will put you in touch with the right specialist team. Alternatively you can use the details below to contact them directly.

Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences

Groups in the Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences collaborate with many companies worldwide, from multi-nationals to local start-ups. Collaborative projects at Oxford University are just that – collaborative, as we find this helps to ‘ground’ the research and maximise the value to both parties.

Collaborations typically range from 1 year sponsored MSc projects, through 3-4 year DPhil level projects, to longer term projects involving post-doctoral researchers. In all cases research is conducted under the expert supervision of a leading member of faculty and we seek the active involvement of the sponsoring company.

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Visit the Industrial Research Collaborations webpage.

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Chris Jones, Tel: +44 (0) 1865 283833

Medical Sciences

Oxford works with scientists and industrial partners to promote and facilitate both clinical and pre-clinical collaborative research projects. Our areas of research excellence are broad and include fundamental biology, drug discovery and development, medical devices, genomics and diagnostics, technology development, clinical studies and public health projects. Through partnerships with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, the University can offer a point of contact for working with the NHS.

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Visit the Business Partnerships webpage.

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Maxine Allen, Tel: +44 (0) 1865 289871


Humanities researchers regularly engage with external organisations, community groups, and businesses. Examples of current collaborations include the NHS and the National Trust.

Several schemes run by TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities support collaborative research including Knowledge Exchange Fellowships and opportunities for public and wider engagement.

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Read about current opportunities through TORCH.

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Victoria McGuinness, Tel: +44 (0) 1865 615362

Social Sciences

The Social Science departments are all committed to research which develops a greater understanding of all aspects of society, from the impact of political, legal and economic systems on social and economic welfare to human rights and security.

A knowledge exchange facilitator and a knowledge exchange support assistant provide advice and support for those wishing to embark on knowledge exchange projects in the Social Sciences.

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A list of the departments and cross divisional units in the Social Sciences Division can be found here.

Specific links to partnership programmes are shown below:

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Sam Sneddon, Tel: +44 (0) 1865 614871

Global Research

Tools and information on finding collaborators in the Global South can be found on the Oxford Global Research site. The website includes information on finding collaborators in Oxford, case studies and a list of centres of expertise in Oxford's research strengths.

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Visit the Oxford Global Research site.

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Matt Carr, Tel: +44 (0) 1865 289833