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  • Drug Reactions, Drug Interactions and Pharmacovigilence

    Drug Reactions, Drug Interactions and Pharmacovigilence - 9 May 2016

    A one-week module of the MSc in Experimental Therapeutics programme. Offered by the Department of Oncology and the Department for Continuing Education’s CPD Centre, the module will be led by Dr Michael Theodorakis, and will feature face-to-face lectures and tutorials from some of Oxford's leading clinicians and scientists.
  • Setting a quit day

    If you want to quit smoking, do it now

    Smokers who try to cut down the amount they smoke before stopping are less likely to quit than those who choose to quit all in one go, Oxford University researchers have found. Their study is...
  • Medical vials

    Oxford London Lecture sets out plan to beat disease outbreaks

    The man who heads much of Oxford's Ebola research has set out a three point plan for tackling future outbreaks. Professor Adrian  Hill was delivering the 6th Oxford London Lecture.
  • gh

    Are big-city transportation systems too complex for human minds?

    Many of us know the feeling of standing in front of a subway map in a strange city, baffled by the multi-coloured web staring back at us and seemingly unable to plot a route from point A to point B.
  • Bottleneck

    0043 – Agent of the no secrets service?

    Fearless in the face of corporate interests and revealing information from even the most secretive laboratories, Policy 0043 is unique, making the European Medicines Agency (EMA) the most open and...
  • Boat speeding in circles

    Better engine, worse compass

    Researchers have shed light on a critical paradox of modern medical research – why research is getting more expensive even though the cost and speed of carrying out many elements of studies has...
  • f

    75 years of penicillin in people

    A scratch from a rose thorn while gardening. It’s an easy injury to pick up even if you’re being careful. It’s annoying but no more than that. If that scratch were to be in your mouth, that would...
  • Cryptococcus

    The definition of success

    Oxford University scientists carry out clinical trials for a range of medical conditions every year. The hope with each one is that it could lead to a viable treatment to cure or alleviate that...
  • Neuron model

    The 'game-changing' projects at the cutting edge of healthcare technology

    The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has today announced £9m of funding – known as the Healthcare Technologies Challenge Awards – to be shared among research projects that...
  • Oxford skyline

    Three Oxford academics are new Fellows of Academy of Social Sciences

    Three Oxford academics have been awarded Academy of Social Sciences Fellowship status. They are Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor and Professor of International Relations; Professor...