Bioengineering for vaccine development project gets BBSRC funding

"Bioengineering for vaccine development" is the focus of an innovative research project by the Sattentau group launched in April 2016 and funded by the BBSRC.

Protein oxidation is a double-edged sword that may trigger immune-mediated disorders such as allergy and cardiovascular disease, but may potentially be harnessed for human benefit, such as in vaccine design. Quentin and co-investigator Amin Moghaddam who carried out the work leading up to the award, hope to understand the mechanisms underlying the immune enhancing effects of protein oxidation, and use this knowledge to develop new vaccine approaches against infectious diseases such as influenza.

Quentin said: “Although the immune enhancing effects of protein oxidation are well described, the mechanisms behind this remain largely unknown and their potential utility has not been exploited. Our group intends to use new knowledge in this area to help develop novel vaccines.”

BBSRC responsive mode research grants fund curiosity led research across the spectrum of biosciences.