Choosing your course

The most important decision you will make when applying to Oxford is selecting which course to study. You’ll spend at least three years immersed in your course, and those years are likely to be much more enjoyable if you genuinely love what you’re learning about.

Oxford has a wide range of courses for you to pick from so make sure you explore your options thoroughly. You might already have a clear idea of which course you’d like to apply for, but do take the time to think carefully, and read about courses you might not have considered before.

Explore the courses Oxford has to offer below. Dig into the detail, and make sure it sounds right for you. A course with the same title may vary in its content and structure at universities so check you understand these differences.  

For the first time, for entry in October 2023 we will be offering a different route to access some courses at Oxford. So if you’re interested in studying here but your personal or educational circumstances have meant you are unlikely to achieve the grades typically required for Oxford courses, then choosing to apply for one of our courses with an Astrophoria Foundation Year might be the path for you. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out more about our new foundation year courses. 

Note: when you click on a course below, you will be taken away from the prospectus website to the course webpage of our main undergraduate admissions website. 

The physics course is very challenging, which means that deep thought, and more than a little imagination, is required to tackle problems. Studying at Oxford will change the way you think about the universe, and make you a more analytical and thoughtful worker.


I had the opportunity to dictate what I learnt, there was a lot of freedom for me to choose courses that interested me. Economics and Management covers such a diverse range of topics so the fact you can take your degree pretty much where you want is really great.


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Fine art students sketching detailed skulls
Fine art students sketching detailed skulls