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Deciding whether or not to go to university is a big decision for everyone, but especially if you don't know people who have been, or if you haven't had a chance to find out what it might be like. Perhaps you are concerned that you might not fit in or share common ground with other students? We know that some exceptionally clever and talented students don't think that Oxford is for them - and we want that to change.

So you can feel confident about deciding whether to apply, Oxford runs thousands of free events and programmes every year. These give potential applicants like you a chance to learn about student life here, often first hand from tutors and current students, as well as equipping you to submit a strong UCAS application. We hope that this will help you discover if Oxford might be right for you. 

For me, Oxford was an unexpected choice. I’d never thought about applying to somewhere so prestigious, but I was lucky enough to be encouraged by a fantastic maths teacher. Both the academic reputation and the beautiful city were enough to win me over, and since applying I have never looked back.


Three years ago I thought it extremely unlikely that I would be here today. If you’re reading this and thinking the same, then we have something in common.


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Students walking along the street
Students walking along the street