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One of the things that makes Oxford special is that all our students belong to a college. This gives the benefits of being part of a large university in a buzzing and student-focused city, but also a small and warm academic community to call home. 

Unlike some other universities, Oxford doesn't have a central campus, but is made up of colleges dotted around the city centre and just beyond. Colleges provide a safe and supportive environment so you can focus on your studies, enjoy time with friends and make the most of all the opportunities on offer. 

Whilst the colleges have a lot in common, and the facilities available at each are very similar, each of Oxford’s colleges has its own distinct personality. Take a look at Oxford's colleges below. 

Note: when you click on a college below, you will be taken away from the prospectus website to the college webpage of our main undergraduate admissions website. 

Something that surprised me was the amazing sense of community the collegiate system offers. Colleges make socialising and meeting new people so unbelievably easy! You will never leave Oxford without meeting people who are just like you, and I have 100% met friends for life here.


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Oxford skyline
Oxford skyline