Supportive and inclusive

Everyone wants to feel that they belong and can be themselves. With around 24,000 students from across the globe at Oxford - each with an amazing range of interests - you will meet people like you and not like you. This is likely to be one of the most enjoyable and liberating aspects of your student life here.

I've never felt unwelcome in Oxford - the colleges and departments have brilliant support networks and everyone has been so kind and friendly irrespective of their cultures, beliefs, sexuality, social upbringing etc. Oxford is not just for the posh and rich - it's for everyone.



We know that everyone wants to feel at home. Oxford has a wide range of groups for those of different faiths, as well as cultural societies for those who may be currently less well-represented. This can be a great way to build a support system, and spend time with people who share your interests, beliefs, heritage or background.

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Oxford takes the wellbeing of all of its students very seriously, but term time is full on and sometimes things might feel particularly stressful or you might find yourself running out of steam, so there are plenty of ways to find support. You can always talk to friends but there is also trained and professional support available, both from your college and the University.

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Everyone should feel welcomed, valued and respected at Oxford. Oxford students come from over 150 countries. Over 23% of all our undergraduate students have declared a disability, and 27% of undergraduate students identify as black or minority ethnic.

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The University’s student union works hard to make sure that everyone feels that they have a voice. Read more about their current campaigns, and the support they can offer.

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Your college provides a welcoming and safe environment from the minute you arrive. College staff and students from other year groups enjoy helping you settle in to their ready-made and close-knit community. Read more about Oxford's colleges and the support they can offer.

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I feel like the friendships I have are with people I enjoy spending time with, and also deeply trust. They're people I think I'll still enjoy spending time with years into the future.


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