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Student embracing their parent

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Oxford is... For your future

Everyone who comes to Oxford has the chance to build an exciting future. Studying at Oxford triggers a lifetime of opportunity, both personal and professional, and you will have a choice of interesting careers or further study options when you finish.

Even whilst studying, you will have lots of opportunities to build your skills, get work experience or develop entrepreneurial ideas. Students here can gain an impressive skill set that is highly sought after by employers from many different areas.

Oxford Women in Business: Working with an incredibly motivated group of women to create inspiring programming has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my uni career.



Around a quarter of Oxford graduates go on to further study after their undergraduate degrees, the rest explore careers from a huge range of different sectors. Whilst studying, you will have the opportunities to explore your future career, as well as the chance to build employability skills.

A student working on a laptop, at a metal café table with a paper hot drink cup


Oxford students have access to hundreds of exclusive internships, including funded summer work placements in the UK and abroad, as well as shorter, week-long internships in the vacation periods. This means you can explore different areas and work for world-leading organisations even before you have finished your degree. You can also develop entrepreneurial ideas - if you want to set up your own social enterprise, then Oxford can help you get started.

Three students in lab coats conducting an experiment


Our Careers Service provides students with tailored support with their career goals long after they have graduated and whenever needed. Oxford graduates form a global community. There are currently over 150 alumni groups who meet across the world. As an Oxford graduate you will become a member of this global network for life.

Two students with a laptop discussing their work in the Oxford Foundry

The Careers Service really is great. They're so helpful and have some amazing resources.


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