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Oxford is…fun

One of the best things about going to university is the social life, and Oxford is no exception. Whilst studying is a major part of life at Oxford, there is still plenty of time to have a laugh, relax and develop both old and new interests. Oxford has over 400 clubs and societies for you to get involved in, meet people, make friends and build skills for the future.

Most people have so many interests that go way beyond their degree. The wide range of societies that exist and activities that you can get involved in is testament to this.



Oxford’s vibrant drama scene covers both stage and screen, and offers amazing opportunities to actors, writers, producers, directors, designers and technicians. 

A group of the 'Oxford Imps' improv comedy troupe performing together on stage


The musical world of Oxford is broad and diverse. From classical to jazz, through to indie, rock, grime, folk, EDM and far beyond - any genre of music you love can be found. 

A singer performing with a live band at a music venue in Oxford


With over 80 sports clubs and some of the best sporting facilities of any UK university, you will have the chance to play for fun, play for your college, compete for the University or just keep active. 

Three students from the Oxford Ice Hockey team playing in the Varsity match against Cambridge


Many renowned journalists and broadcasters began their careers at Oxford. Even if you don’t want to make journalism a career, you can develop your skills and get your voice heard by creating content for one of Oxford’s varied and dynamic student media.

A student holds a copy of the Cherwell student newspaper up in front of them


If you’re keen to spend your free time driving change and speaking up for what you believe in, you can work with one of Oxford Student Union’s many established campaigns, or set up your own. 

Two students laughing while filling in forms in the courtyard outside Worcester College bar


Do something completely different and have a positive impact on your local community by getting involved in the wider city of Oxford through the Hub.

A group of students in bright orange t-shirt which say 'Student Volunteer' on them gather in central Oxford


Start from scratch or carry on learning a language at our Language Centre to support your studies, career or travel plans. You can also improve your academic English both before you arrive, and whilst on your course.

Three students talking and laughing together in a classroom

I think I was most surprised about how many different events and activities were going on all the time. There would be sporting events, plays, dance classes, language lessons, society meetings and so much more. You get to find some really cool hobbies while you're here.


Get active at Oxford

Find out ways to get active

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Three students sat with string instruments and one with a guitar prepare for a concert
Students in an orchestra.