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Oxford is... for the world

People have heard of Oxford, and for good reason. The learning and research undertaken here has an impact on all our lives and solves real-world problems. You’ll have the chance to learn from people at the centre of research that’s changing the future of the world.

Oxford is a fantastic university, renowned for academic excellence - the teaching is world class, and being taught by experts in my subject area in this way really appealed to me.


World leading

We’re very proud that Oxford has ranked number one in the world for five years running (Times Higher Education Rankings 2021). For centuries, the University has been a leading centre of learning and research with global impact and influence.

A view of the Biochemistry building's glass ceiling from the inside

World changing

At the heart of Oxford University is ground-breaking research. Work undertaken by our staff, students and graduates helps the lives of million of people, tackles issues of worldwide interest and solves real-world problems. 

A student in a lab coat looking down a microscope in a lab

World-famous graduates

Many of our graduates go on to realise extraordinary futures, becoming writers and broadcasters, actors and comedians, artists and musicians, scientists, Olympic medal winners, Nobel Prize winners, and world leaders.

Black and white images of Riz Ahmed and Malala Yousafzai

I got a lecture on deserts from a lecturer who had arrived fresh off the plane from Chad - he still had the dust on his shoes!


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An aerial view of Oxford city centre buildings
Oxford University