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Terms and conditions

The Fees, funding and scholarship search is intended as a guide to the amount you will be liable to pay and any support you may receive based on the information you enter. All figures in the search tool are in pounds sterling (£).

Fee information

The fees displayed are annual rates for full-time study unless otherwise specified. You should expect and budget for fees increasing on an annual basis. Fees for the forthcoming academic year are published in September of the current academic year.

EU students should refer to our dedicated webpage for details of the implications of the UK’s plans to leave the European Union.

Fee status classification

  • The University follows government regulations on fee status classification. This classification depends on certain nationality and residence conditions.
  • Island rates are only payable by new students from the Channel Islands and Isle of Man and applying to study Medicine or Graduate Entry Medicine (for which higher rates apply to the clinical years of both courses). For all other programmes, Islands students are charged at the Home/EU rate.

University tuition fees

Part-time coursesCourses offered on a part-time basis are indicated in the course title. Fees shown are the part-time annual University tuition fee.
OUDCE coursesFor a number of Department for Continuing Education (OUDCE) courses, the University tuition fee also includes some accommodation.
Modular coursesA number of graduate taught courses are taught and charged on a modular basis. These courses are not included in the Fees, funding and scholarship search. Information is available on the OUDCE website and the University's modular course fee page.
Length of fee paying periodFor graduate courses, information on the length of time fees are payable for is available on the fee liability page.

College fees

Graduate-Entry Medicine

For Overseas students this course charges fees at the Pre-clinical rate for year 1. The Clinical rate is charged for all subsequent years.

For Islands students this course charges fees at the Home/EU rate for year 1. Fees for all subsequent years are charged at the Islands Clinical rate, which is significantly higher.

Home/EU students are charged the standard Home/EU tuition fee only for all years of the course.

PGCECollege fees are not payable by Home/EU students. Overseas students pay a college fee at the graduate rate.
Part-time courses

College fees for part-time study are usually half the full-time study rate.

Postgraduate certificate and postgraduate diploma qualificationsStudents registered for a postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma are not usually members of a college and do not pay college fees. For further information on whether college membership is usual for the qualification you are interested in, contact the relevant department.
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