The History Faculty building with clock against a blue sky
The History Faculty building in central Oxford
(Image Credit: Hope Stockton / Graduate Photography Competition)
Humanities Division


Working as an Oxford graduate student is likely to be an exhilarating experience. History in Oxford stretches from circa 300 AD to the present, and embraces in addition to its British and European heritage an exceptionally broad range of World history. It comprises an active research community of up to 800 senior academics and graduate students, all contributing to a range of research seminars, lectures, academic societies, and personal contacts.

Research in the faculty is organised around historical periods and research centres, or in collaborative and individual research projects, and you will always be welcome at seminars, workshops and conferences across all periods and themes.

You will be encouraged to make use of these opportunities as widely as possible without endangering your own degree work. Striking the right balance between intellectual curiosity and temptation and intellectual discipline, and remaining focused without becoming blinkered, should be an integral part of a successful graduate career. The Oxford environment provides all the ingredients for this.


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