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Application Guide

The 'Course' tab

Proposed field and title of research project

If relevant for your course, you'll be asked to state your chosen research field and the title of your proposed research project.

You should not use this field to type out your full research proposal. You'll be able to upload your research proposal on the Supporting Documents tab.

Proposed supervisor

If relevant for your course, you'll be asked to provide the name, or names, of your proposed supervisor(s).

Applicants to DPhil (PhD) courses are often encouraged to contact potential supervisors before submitting an application, in order to discuss their proposed area of research and the likely availability of funding.

The relevant course page will state whether you're expected to identify a potential supervisor or supervisors before you apply, and whether you should approach them before submitting your application.

For most taught courses (eg MPhil, MSt and MSc courses) you won't be required to arrange supervision before applying. If you're accepted onto the course, your academic department will usually assign a project supervisor to you.

The relevant course page will have a 'Research staff' or 'Academic staff' link, which you can follow to find staff profiles and contact details for that academic department.

Dates unavailable for interview or visit

Not all courses hold interviews as part of the application process. The Entry requirements section of the relevant course page will indicate whether applicants are interviewed, and if so, the method of interview (in person, via telephone or video call) and what format the interview will take. If the Entry requirements section indicates that interviews will be held, you need to provide any dates that you will be unavailable. 

If you have queries about interview arrangements for your course, contact the relevant academic department. The contact details are available on the relevant course page, under 'Course-related enquiries'.

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