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Bridge of Sighs
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Application Guide

Your application account

Start an application

Once you've decided on a course, read the Entry requirements section of the course page to check that you meet the requirements. You can use our self-evaluation tool to help you evaluate whether your application is likely to be competitive.

If you're happy that you meet the requirements and you're ready to start an application, use the ‘Apply’ button on the course page to access the online application system. When you click ‘Apply’ on your course page, you'll be prompted to create a new graduate applicant account or log into an existing account.

Make sure that you select the correct course in your application. You won't be able to change this after you start your form or after you apply. To choose a different course, you'll need to start a new application. 

Can I use an agent to help me complete and submit my application(s)?

The University doesn't have any arrangements or relationships with agents. You must complete your application yourself, and provide your own contact details.

All of the information you need to apply for graduate study at Oxford is free and publicly available on our website. Our course pages provide details of all of our graduate courses, including the entry requirements, the required supporting documents and how to apply to the course, and this Application Guide contains all of the information you need to prepare and submit your application. Our international applicants section has guidance on applying to Oxford as an international student.

Create an account

On the Graduate Application Form login page, which opens when you click ‘Apply’ on your course page, click the ‘Create Account’ button and complete the registration form. You can use one account to create as many applications as you wish.

You must provide an email address, which will be the primary email address for your account. Make sure that you will have access to this email address until your course start date as this address will be used for important correspondence. If you become unable to access this email address during the application process, contact Graduate Admissions.

If you later enter a different email address in the ‘primary email address’ field of the ‘Contact Details’ section of the application form, this will change the email address associated with your account. You will then need to use the new email address to log into your account.

Log into your account

You can access your graduate applicant account using the 'Apply' button on your course page.

Use your email address and password to log in. If you forget your password, you can request a new one via the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the login page. 

If you have forgotten your login email address, or you are unable to access your account even after resetting your password, contact Graduate Admissions.

Current Oxford graduate students

If you're a graduate student currently studying at the University, you'll need to create a new application account rather than logging into your existing one. In this case, you can use the same personal email address that you used for your previous account. Any applications you submit will be merged with your existing student record.

Using the application form

The application form is compatible with most web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

The form is also compatible with most tablet devices, although some may not display it correctly.

Each tab of the application form will display a symbol that indicates your progress in completing the tab:

  • a blue 'tick' indicates that you have answered all of the mandatory questions on the tab;
  • a red 'cross' indicates that one or more mandatory questions has not been answered, or that there is an error in one of the fields;
  • a white square denotes the page you are currently working on.

Mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk (*). If you see an error message when you try to leave a tab, you can click 'Cancel' to stay on the page and edit any fields that have an error, which will be highlighted in yellow. Alternatively, you can click 'OK' to proceed to the next tab of the application form and return later to make any corrections.

Getting help

You'll see a question mark symbol question mark symbol beside some of the questions on the application form. Hover your mouse cursor over this symbol for additional information or instructions. 

Follow the sections of this Application Guide as you complete your application form. You'll also find links to relevant FAQs on each page. 

Applying on paper

If there are exceptional circumstances that mean it is very difficult for you to apply online, please contact Graduate Admissions ([email protected]) with full details. Alternatively, you can provide full details in a letter addressed to: Graduate Admissions, University of Oxford, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD, UK.

We strongly recommend that you contact us at least 20 working days before the application deadline to ensure an appropriate solution can be found. 

Multiple applications

Can I apply to more than one course?

You can apply to multiple courses for 2024-25 entry, and many applicants apply to more than one course, where their interests cut across different courses. If you are applying to more than one course, check that you meet the entry requirements for each one and that all of the relevant courses are still open to applications. Please let your referees know that they may receive multiple reference requests if you are intending to apply for more than one course.

For each course to which you wish to apply, you will need to submit a full and separate application with all supporting documents, including references, and pay an application fee. There are two exceptions:

You will not be able to study a full-time graduate course alongside any other graduate course at the University of Oxford or any other institution.

How do I start another application?

You may use your graduate application account to create as many course applications as you wish. Only applications you've submitted will be visible to departments. All other applications will be deleted automatically at the end of the following admissions cycle.

To start another application, click the 'Apply' button on the relevant course page and log into your graduate application account.

Alternatively, log into your graduate application account and select ‘Start New Application’ on the ‘My Applications’ screen. If you are currently working on an application, you may need to click the ‘Save and Close’ button at the bottom of the screen before you can start a new application. 

You will need to search for your graduate course using the search tool:

  • enter one keyword from the course title and select your course from the list; or
  • type in the course code, which is available in 'Key facts' section of each course page.

You will only be able to select courses that are still open to applications. If you don't see the course you're searching for in the list, check the course page to make sure that it is still open for the current admissions cycle. 

If you start another application, the application form will automatically fill in most of the information you have already provided.

Can I apply again to the same course?

You may re-apply to a course you have applied to in a previous admissions year, but only once to any particular course for 2024-25 study.

The only exception is that it may be possible to apply more than once to a research course (eg DPhil courses), if the applications involve significantly different research proposals and receive authorisation from the academic department. Contact the academic department to confirm whether a second application will be permitted.

If the department confirms that you can apply again, you must submit a separate application with all required supporting documents and references, and pay an application fee for the second application.

Our online application system does not permit an applicant to apply twice for the same course. Therefore, if the academic department authorises a second application, it will inform Graduate Admissions and a link will be sent to you via email which enables you to create this new application.

If your application is unsuccessful in the current admissions cycle, you are welcome to apply again to the same course in the next admissions cycle (for study in 2025-26). The application form will be available from September 2024.

Deleting or cancelling applications

You will not be able to delete your application yourself after you have submitted it. Unsuccessful or incomplete applications will be automatically deleted at the end of the following admissions cycle. 

If you wish to withdraw your application after submitting it, log into Self-Service and access your submitted application. Click ‘Withdraw application’ and select one of the reasons offered. Once completed, you will receive an email to confirm that your application has been withdrawn.

The relevant academic department and allocated college (if applicable) will be automatically notified of the withdrawal so you do not need to take any further action.

Please only withdraw your application if this is your final decision. It is not normally possible to make a second application to the same course for the same year.

Your application fee is non-refundable, even if you withdraw your application before it has been assessed by the academic department.

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