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UK Nation and Region

This page breaks down Oxford’s UK-domiciled undergraduate student total to show the regional distribution of the University’s applicants, offer holders and admitted students.

  • The regional distribution of admissions to Oxford reflects population size, achievement in school, and application numbers.
  • London and the South East made up 46.7% of UK applications between 2015 and 2017, and 47.9% of students admitted; the rest of the UK made up 53.3% of applications and 52.1% of students admitted.

Applications to Oxford, offers made and students admitted by UK region and nation, three-year total 2015–2017

 Applications3OffersStudents admittedProportion of Total UK ApplicantsProportion of Total UK Students admittedRegion’s share of UK population4
North East7332041812.0%2.3%4.1%
North West2,9326775928.0%7.6%11.1%
Yorkshire & the Humber1,7094023454.7%4.4%8.4%
East Midlands1,6613843394.6%4.4%7.2%
West Midlands2,6105574797.1%6.2%8.9%
Greater London9,1942,2051,92325.2%24.7%12.9%
South East7,8671,9961,80221.6%23.2%13.7%
South West3,81796484810.5%10.9%8.4%
Northern Ireland42181731.2%0.9%2.9%

3. One application was submitted from a student whose UK region was not known. This application has been excluded.
4. 2011 UK census. Sources: Office for National Statistics, National Records of Scotland, Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

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*First-year, first-degree, UK-domiciled undergraduate students, academic year 2015/16. Includes equivalent Scottish qualifications. See note on HESA data for full citation.

For further information on all Oxford's admissions statistics, including by course and by college, please read the Annual Admissions Statistical Report.

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