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This page shows the number of UK-domiciled students applying to, receiving offers from and admitted to Oxford by the type of school they attended: state or independent.

UK-domiciled students applying from other types of school have been excluded from the tables below. This is because the group is small, constituting only 4.2% of applications (1,736) between 2018 and 2020, and includes students from overseas or unknown schools, making it difficult to draw reliable conclusions from the numbers.

University-level data

  • The proportion of students admitted to Oxford from the UK state sector has risen for the past four years, reaching 68.6% in 2020. This is the highest figure since the University began recording detailed admissions statistics.
  • The proportion of UK students admitted from the independent sector has decreased in each of the past four years.

UK applications to Oxford, offers made and students admitted by school type, 2016–2020

 ApplicationsOffersAdmittedApplicationsOffersAdmittedState proportion of total
UK students admitted9

9. Excluding students whose education cannot be classified as either state or independent. 


Breakdown of students achieving AAA or better at A-level by school type
(all UK universities, 2018 UK intake)*

Bar chart showing: 76.7% State and 23.3% Independent/other

Breakdown of students achieving A*A*A or better at A-level by school type
(all UK universities, 2018 UK intake)*

Bar chart showing: 73.4% State and 26.6% Independent/other

Oxford University (2020 UK intake)9

Bar chart showing: 68.6% State and 31.4% Independent/other

*Most recent available national data covers 2018 intake: defined as first-year, first-degree, UK-domiciled undergraduate students, academic year 2018/19. AAA+ pool includes equivalent Scottish qualifications. Excludes unknown school type. See note on HESA data for full citation.

For further information on all Oxford's admissions statistics, including by course and by college, please read the Annual Admissions Statistical Report.

You may also be interested to see detailed statistics relating to school type, and information on the UCAS apply centres of applicants.

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