Our Green Impact environmental accreditation scheme enables staff and students to improve sustainability in their office, department, lab or college. Colleagues work together to complete a set of objectives and depending on their success they can receive a bronze, silver or gold award at the end of the year.

We acknowledge that local and keen colleagues are in the best position to understand their teams' unique circumstances and needs, so can deliver the message and motivate change in the most effective way. Over the years, over 150 teams of staff and students across the University have completed thousands of actions to improve the environmental sustainability practices of their departments, buildings, colleges and laboratories.

  • We encourage people to walk and cycle around Oxford to reduce air pollution, carbon emissions, and traffic congestion. We provide bicycle loanscycle training and a bike repair service to make cycling easier for University staff.
  • We introduced the Science Transit Shuttle service, linking scientific research sites across Oxford and the surrounding area. Improving these transport links is essential for the success of the work carried out by researchers and helps to reduce carbon by cutting down on car journeys. 
  • The University operates a minibus service between Oxford and Begbroke Science Park, which is free of charge for University members and visitors.
  • WARPit (Waste Action Reuse Portal) is a scheme that helps departments reuse and recycle unwanted items. This includes office equipment, furniture and storage, stationery, printer consumables, and even plants and laboratory equipment.
  • Oxford colleges participate in the Student Switch Off energy-saving scheme run by the National Union of Students. This not-for-profit campaign encourages students to save energy in their colleges through efficient use of heating, lighting, cooking and other day-to-day activities.
  • The Environmental Sustainability team runs campaigns focusing on key environmental issues, including Plastic Free July, Cycle September, Sustainable Food Month and more. These allow us to engage with staff and students and raise the public profile of various issues.

Further information can be found on the Sustainability website and Travel website.

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