Radcliffe Camera Access Ramp
Radcliffe Camera Access Ramp

Disability access

Estates Services works closely with our Equality and Diversity Unit to ensure that our buildings accommodate disabled access needs, and adjustments are made to existing buildings where necessary.

Throughout all refurbishment and construction projects we meet the architects to ensure that we exceed building regulations with regard to disabled access.

Our online access guide provides comprehensive and searchable information about all University buildings, including floor plans and photos. For each building there is a photo of the entrance and information about the availability of disabled parking spaces, manual/powered door entry, lifts, hearing support systems, and accessible toilets.

There is also an online interactive map featuring information about the location of all University buildings and departments across the city, including photos and opening times. Our departments are often large and housed in several different buildings, but the map allows you to click on the name of a department and all related buildings will be highlighted.

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