Contribute to briefings

There are opportunities to contribute to briefings and synthesis work for policymakers.

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) regularly advertises for inputs from experts to briefing notes. Inputs may include meetings or conversations, sharing research, or peer review of briefing notes.

POST works across both the Houses of Commons and Lords to provide parliamentarians with access to the best evidence, neatly summarised in short briefings called POSTnotes. POSTnotes are produced following a very specific research process. A literature review is conducted alongside stakeholder interviews, typically including a range of academics, charities, Government organisations and campaign groups. POST is very keen to receive insights from experts on their programme of future research.

Find out how to contribute to POST notes as an expert here.

The current and future areas of research interest for POST can be found here. this page is regularly updated.

POSTnotes are designed for Members of Parliament but they are also used by many other stakeholders in the wider policy and research community. You can find published POST notes and other research from POST here.