Terms of Reference

The Steering Group shall consist of:

1.1. the Academic Champion for Policy Engagement, who chairs the group;

1.2. at least one representative of each Division, nominated by heads of Divisions;

1.3. at least two heads of houses at the University with expertise and experience in public policy, invited by the Chair; and

1.4. at least two researchers within six years of submission of their doctoral thesis, appointed by the Chair on the basis of an occasional, open call.

2. The Chair shall be responsible for the group’s adherence to the University’s Equality Policy.

3. In appointing members under (1.3.)-(1.4) above, the Chair shall ensure that within the total membership of the Group there is an appropriate balance of research and policy interests.

4. Group members shall serve for a minimum of two years. At the invitation of the Chair, they may serve for a third year.

5. The Chair may invite additional subject-matter experts from within or outside the University to participate in one or more meetings.

6. Group members shall be responsible for:

6.1. Advising on strategy and activities that facilitate closer engagement between research at the University and public policy, in and outside the UK;

6.2. Championing initiatives aimed at facilitating policy engagement, and building consensus across the University to address institutional challenges;

6.3. Contributing to a shared understanding of how policy engagement is perceived at different career stages within the University, as well as among various external audiences;

6.4. Reviewing applications for and allocating competitive funding in support of the OPEN Strategy;

6.5. Advising on measures of success, which can inform monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting;

6.6. Reviewing plans developed by the Policy Engagement Team, progress in implementation, and making recommendations accordingly;

6.7. Supporting and, where appropriate, leading efforts to achieve financial sustainability for the policy engagement activities of the University.

The Steering Group shall meet on a termly basis.