Engaging with public policy: an introduction for researchers

What is public policy? Who really shapes it? And how do researchers and policymakers benefit from closer engagement?

Through a mixture of presentation and practical exercises, this half-day programme will provide a short introduction to public policy and equip attendees with approaches and tools to engage with public policymakers. The training will include hands on activities and guidance from the Policy Engagement team, as well as presentations and questions from experienced and early/mid-career academics about their personal experiences, lessons and approaches to public policy engagement.

Following the course, participants will have a better understanding of the relevance of their research and expertise to policy and policymakers. They will be more able to identify policymakers with an interest in their area of research and to engage policymakers effectively.


  1. An understanding of what policy is and where it is made
  2. An understanding of what policy-relevant research looks like
  3. A better understanding of the relevance of academic research and expertise to policy and policymakers
  4. An enhanced ability to identify interested policymakers and to engage them effectively

Open to ECRs and Y3+ doctoral candidates from any Oxford college, department, or faculty.

Plans are underway to move this popular introductory session online. Come back soon for more information.

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