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Inquiry into the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on culture, creative industries, heritage, communications and sport

Welsh Parliament Inquiry | Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee

The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee is undertaking an inquiry into the Covid-19 outbreak in Wales.

The inquiry will consider the impact of the outbreak, and its management on sectors under the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee’s remit, including:

  • culture and the creative industries;
  • heritage;
  • national and community media, including community radio;
  • journalism; and,
  • for the purposes of this inquiry, we will also be looking at sport at both grass roots and elite levels.


There is no fixed deadline for you to submit your views. We ask that you share them with us as soon as you are able so that we can follow things up in as timely a way as possible. You are also welcome to submit more than one piece of evidence if further information becomes available as the inquiry progresses.


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