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The Oxford skyline with the Sheldonian Theatre in the foreground.
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New to Oxford?

Welcome to the University of Oxford, and congratulations on your appointment to a research position. You're joining a community of around 5,000 research staff across the University who make an invaluable contribution to our position as one of the best places in the world to do research.

Welcome Event for Research Staff

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Every term we run an event to welcome new researchers to Oxford. It's a chance for you to find out about career and professional development opportunities, to hear about the services and support available for you throughout your time as a researcher here at Oxford, and to meet other new researchers from across the University over coffee and pastries.

You can find pages about working at the University on the Staff Gateway, including advice about living in Oxford, an introduction to the University, and other useful information about staff benefits; information about moving to Oxford is available from the Oxford University Welcome Service. Your PI/supervisor and your departmental administrator should be your first port of call if you're unsure about anything.

Checklist for your first three months

  • Ask yourself what you want to get out of this experience as a researcher at Oxford. Making sure you're clear about your goals will help you stay focused and be in the best position possible to springboard to the next step in your career.
  • Consider where you see yourself being in five or ten years' time. What are the implications of that for your career and professional development? What opportunities do you need to look for? Teaching, budget or project management, or research or other skills training?
  • If your contract is fixed term, do you know the terms?
  • Are you clear about what is expected from you on this project - from your PI, the funder, or other parties?
  • Have a look around this website and any other sources of support (such as any relevant professional bodies)
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