This technology might give our taste buds a run for their money!

Can we taste wine just by looking at it

Scientists at Oxford University are developing a technology that could tell you what a wine tastes like, without ever opening the bottle.

Human taste buds are incredibly sensitive, and only about 1 to 2 percent of the molecules in a bottle of wine determine the difference between a great bottle and an average one!

We know what these molecules taste like all together once we’ve opened the bottle. But the scientists behind the company VeriVin, want to go one step further. They hope that by shining lasers through a bottle and using some quantum know-how, they can "look" at the liquid on the inside, and tell you all about it - without popping the lid!

It means that in the future we could tell if any bottle has gone bad, or if it's really what it says it is. Without taking the cork out!

This tech is rich and floral with a hint of lasers.