Injuries affect 75% of runners; this tech could prevent them all

75% of runners suffer injuries. Could one piece of tech really prevent all of them?

Run 3D

Oxford researchers have developed a revolutionary 3D motion capture system that measures and maps the running styles and patterns of individual athletes, and tells them what to change and how to improve their performance.

Run3D uses multiple state-of-the-art cameras to capture every aspect of a runner’s posture. Infrared cameras are trained on tiny reflective markers stuck onto the subject, creating a computational model of the body in motion, and providing detail right down to how individual bones and joints are impacted as the body moves.

The same motion-capture technology is used in films and games, but here it could help to create the complete athlete. Complicated algorithms based on a database of runners can work out the perfect running stance.

Now you’ve got no excuse not to go for a jog!