This game could save newborn babies

Could playing a video game really save lives?


In Africa 470,000 babies die each year on the day they are born, and 1 in 10 children do not reach their 5th birthday. That needs changing, but emergency care training is very expensive, and if you are from a remote area the training centres might be too far away anyway.

Which is where gaming comes in! Oxford scientists are developing a radical new immersive virtual-reality game that will teach healthcare workers, wherever they are, first how to save the life of a newborn baby in distress and subsequently how to handle many types of emergencies.

The game, which combines cutting edge medical research with the latest in virtual reality gaming tech, is called LIFE, and is being developed in Kenya, where gamers will be trained so that their first instinct in an emergency is to act correctly.

To make the training tool even more effective, it is also available as a mobile game, so that Kenyans right across the country have access to it!

Forget collecting pixelated 1-ups – why not give someone in the real world an extra life!