This doctor never sleeps

Could any doctor really monitor a patient 24 hours a day? Perhaps if it doesn’t need to sleep.

Thanks to Oxford scientists that future is becoming a reality.

A company called Oxehealth have developed a revolutionary medical-grade vital sign monitoring system using digital video cameras!

Sensors equipped with the Oxecam software can measure vital signs including heart and breathing rate anywhere in a room and totally contact free.

The technology is being used at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, and this ‘robot doctor’ is being rolled out in prisons too, where it could help to prevent hundreds of deaths. Oxecam is able to detect if inmates are at risk – even in the dark, or during attempted concealment. Its round-the-clock monitoring raises alarms when intervention is required, rather than relying on scheduled manual checks, which may come too late.

Whether in hospitals or prisons, the technology frees up staff time, leaving them to offer a greater quality of care to those who need it most.

Never mind a paranoid android – say hello to the paramedic android!