Could cameras really let those with poor vision see the world anew?

These glasses could give sight

As many as 500 million people across the globe are estimated to be visually impaired. This product could soon enable those who are legally blind to see again.

The technology is made up of three parts: camera with sensors, a control box and display.

The cameras capture what’s around you, to become your eyes. A live video is then streamed to the displays on the inside of the lens. Using augmented reality, this video manipulates your environment so it’s visible to you!

You can change the colour of the scene around you, make it black and white, or outline the shape of an object. They can even stop time to allow you to process what’s around you, as if you were Dr Who herself.

Battery-powered and as light as your phone, using these could be as a easy as popping in headphones.

This spinout company from Oxford University, OxSight has a clear vision of the future!