Can this car think for itself?

Are we getting closer to being driven around in robot cars?

Oxbotica certainly think so. They’ve created a system called Selenium, which acts as a brain for any vehicle it is installed in. It doesn’t rely on GPS, so it can be used indoors and out, and even under ground.

This means the breakthrough isn’t restricted to cars – everything from airport pods to warehouse fleets could soon be controlled by this revolutionary autonomous system.

Nothing will bring these Oxford researchers down to earth – their software is going to be used on Mars rovers, helping them to navigate intelligently on the surface of the Red Planet!

Whatever the weather, however poor the visibility, however dangerous the terrain, Selenium won’t be phased like a human driver would.

So whether it is pavement pods for pensioners on the sidewalks of Milton Keynes, or machines scouring space for aliens, this car-control technology looks set to steer a very interesting course indeed!