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Studying bones and cartilage in the Medical Centre
Studying bones and cartilage in the Medical Centre
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Research strategy

We aim to lead the world in research. We are committed to disciplinary excellence – across the medical sciences; the mathematical, physical and life sciences; the social sciences; and the humanities – and interdisciplinary research that will benefit society on a national and global scale. There is extensive collaboration with leading university networks, public agencies and business – in the UK and internationally.

We aim to maximise the benefits of research by advancing fundamental knowledge and contributing to better public policy, improved health outcomes, economic prosperity, social cohesion, international development, community identity, the arts, culture and the quality of life.

The scale of research activity at Oxford is substantial, including more than 70 departments, the Bodleian Libraries, the museums and much more. Total research income for 2011/12, including the HEFCE block grant for research, totalled £537.8 million. Of this sum, £408.8 million was from externally funded grants and contracts.

Oxford's largest and most important competitive research funders over the past ten years have been the Wellcome Trust, the UK Research Councils and the European Commission. The support of, and our partnership with, all the funders and investors in research at Oxford is greatly appreciated.

We seek to retain and recruit researchers of the highest distinction and potential. We attract the very best research students from across the globe, making their contribution to more than 800 years of being cutting edge.

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