Nieduszynski group to launch innovative genome replication analysis project

Furthering the understanding of genome replication is critical to advancing insights into the mechanisms behind genomic disorders such as cancer, and the Nieduszynski group has secured funding from the Biotecchnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) to do just that.

Their innovative project to develop single molecule analysis of genome replication is to be launched here at the Dunn School in August 2016.

Currently no genomics methods exist to study DNA replication in single cells or molecules and this is the challenge Conrad Nieduszynski and Carolin Mueller hope to take on using an array of pioneering techniques.  

Conrad explains: “In one approach, we are using a transformative single-molecule sequencing technology to detect the pattern of DNA replication in thousands of long molecules. In addition, we will make use of recent advances in imaging technologies to directly visualise DNA replication in whole chromosomes. These complementary approaches will, for the first time, reveal the pattern of DNA replication on individual chromosomes. This is important because a single DNA replication error on one chromosome in a single cell division can give rise to genomic disorders, including cancer.”

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