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Issue 1 - Jan 2016

Issue 2 - Jun 2016

Issue 3 - Dec 2016

The Department of Chemistry aims to carry out world-leading advances in fundamental chemistry that lead to transformative changes in both our understanding and knowledge of chemistry and also in the applications of that knowledge to global problems in healthcare, energy, security, environment, food and water supply.

Our industrial partners are diverse, including major companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, specialist materials and thin films, energy, petrochemicals and fuel additives, agrochemical, fragrance, healthcare technologies, analytical, electronic, cosmetic, food, automobile, and instrumentation manufacturing sectors. We also have strong collaborations with the NHS and other public sector organisations.

Through establishing strong links with industry we seek to identify the key industrial applications that these fundamental advances will lead to, as well as to identify intellectually challenging problems faced by industry that we can work to address.   We also seek to ensure that there is a steady flow of our highly trained undergraduates and postgraduates into industry and business, and that our undergraduates are instilled with sufficient entrepreneurial qualities to establish their own businesses when appropriate.

To find out more visit the Department of Chemistry working with industry pages.