Facilities services Survey

Oxford University is running a study into companies’ needs for analytical services. The study focuses on understanding companies’ demands for component testing, R&D, and funding schemes that support high-end companies’ growth and product development. The project is also looking to determine companies’ interests in training services in analytical equipment and methods skills.

Facilities services SurveyEngaging with companies to understand their needs.

The University is keen to engage with companies and understand their needs, requirements and working practices, and identify opportunities, specifically in the materials and chemical analysis field.

A team of Oxford University students from The Student Consultancy is working on the project with the aim to help organisations boost their productivity and effectiveness, as part of the Uni’s commitment to regional and national economic development. The aim is also for the students to enhance key skills to take into future careers.

The University offers analytical services, as well as conducting world-leading research, and there is a particular focus in materials and chemical analysis, component and product testing, failure analysis and product research & development. Companies that use, or could use, such services are of particular interest to our study.

You are invited to contribute to this study, to shape the University’s activities, and uses of funding streams. The process will involve a phone conversation or personal visit of 10 to 20 minutes.